Setting up Push Notifications – FREE and easy…

If like me you struggle at times to think of how to market the content you’ve just spent time writing and perfecting, here’s a quick suggestion…

Let it speak for itself!

Using Push Engage you can set up push notifications that allow your visitors to subscribe easily and when you send an alert out, it just needs to be a quick sentence saying there’s new content and the visitor will know to come back and check your site for new content. What’s more, if the site has been set up to allow social media sharing easily, if the content you have written is good enough you don’t need social ads or promotions etc.

Why not head over to the PushEngage blog and check out their step by step post on how to install the plugin, set up your account and start notifying your visitors when you publish new content.

There are just 7 simple and easy steps to install and setup the plugin but please note, if you use an HTTPS address on your site, you will need to download a file then reupload that to the root of your WordPress install on your webserver/file manager.


So why use PushEngage over other similar plugins?

PushEngage is a well known and trusted brand and allows you to set up automated push notifications so once installed, you can forget about having to notify people, the site just does it for you. You also get to choose from different opt-in styles for the push notifications, anything from a popup banner to a notification box etc.


I have it installed on my site and over a period of time I will be monitoring the subscriber rates and visitor counts/return rates etc – why not subscribe and you’ll get a notification when the update is published.

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