An Engagermate Review by Martin Evans

So you have yourself an Instagram account? Are you looking to reach new followers or broaden your horizons? You could just be trying to get more followers than your best friend.  My Engagermate review could be where you start being a winner…

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So what is this product all about?

By adding in local competitors, profiles and businesses to the software, the magic happens and you will start to see an influx of followers.

As a test to this (and as a result of living somewhere very remote) I thought I’d give it a try and by just adding 3 profiles and 2 businesses. Due to being in a small community I wasn’t expecting to see much, but already getting notifications on my phone o new likes and followers – plus the account only has 20 posts on it so not massive.

Stay tuned for further updates and a case study on Engagermate.

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