My Experience

[about_text]I am a [label]Network Engineer[/label] for Openreach repairing and maintaining copper and fibre networks for the UK[/about_text]

[section_caption title=”EMPLOYMENT”]


[history_unit date=”since 2014″]

Telecommunications Engineer


Working across Mid Wales and Herefordshire on fibre and copper networks providing broadband and telephone connectivity.


[history_unit date=”1999 – 2014″]

Senior Learning Facilitator / Tech Support


During my time at MacIntyre I worked at a residential special needs school, providing care and education support to teenagers with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. I was also one of the physical intervention tutors and had a role outside of my normal duties doing IT support for the on site network / devices.


[history_unit date=”1998 – 1999″]

Technical Support


While working at KC3 (a local ISP) my role was to provide telephone support to the dial up customers and provide on site IT support to drop-in users on a range of subjects.



[section_caption title=”DEVELOPMENT SKILLS”]


[skill_unit percent=”90″]HTML5[/skill_unit]

[skill_unit percent=”60″]CSS3[/skill_unit]

[skill_unit percent=”100″]WordPress[/skill_unit]


[section_caption title=”DESIGN SKILLS”]


[skill_unit percent=”90″]Photoshop[/skill_unit]

[skill_unit percent=”70″]Illustrator[/skill_unit]


[section_caption title=”SERVICES”]


[service icon=”icon-laptop” title=”Web Design”]I design websites (usually with WordPress). It is a long established fact that a great user interface¬† and quality content are what great websites are made of.[/service]

[service icon=”icon-camera” title=”Photography”]I have a passion for photography – mainly landscape photography, however I also enjoy music photography too.[/service]

[service icon=”icon-globe” title=”SEO”]I am able to provide customised recommendations on search engine optimisation tailored to your project and budget. [/service]