Maths Puzzle 120119


Shoe = 5

Man = 5

Wristband = 2

Final equation is 5+19×2

19 is because the second picture is a man with two shoes and two wristbands 5+5+5+2+2

Using BODMAS 19×2 is 38 add the first 5 = 43

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  1. Jennifer Allingham

    Do you know the origin of this puzzle? I’d like more for my class,

    • Martin Evans

      There are many facebook groups with maths puzzles in – maybe search there?

  2. Wrong answer:
    total : Shoe+man+tide= 10+5*4=30

  3. lana Vy

    I would leave my answer again:
    Man: 5+2 things on his hand+ his shoes
    Shoe: 10
    tide: 2

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