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Remove WordPress version

When a visitor looks at your site, they can often see which version of WordPress you are running. For security reasons, it’s often best to hide the version numbers in case there are any vulnerabilities you are yet to patch with an update. Use this code to hide your WordPress version number:

HOWTO: Setup the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin

One of the most important things with any blog is to know how well it’s performing – setting up the  Google Site Kit WordPress plugin will give you all the information you need. WARNING: Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin pre-requisites: Before installing this plugin you need to set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console…

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Avoid WordPress brute force password attacks

If no modifications are made to your website, an intruder can make an unlimited number of incorrect logins to your website. Some people use a massive dictionary of password to keep trying and trying until one may work to login to your site – this is a brute force password attack. One of the best…

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Ensure you maintain short titles for SEO

Using short titles to stay focused on SEO, this snippet of code will limit the number of words allowed in the title of your post or page. You can set the number of words to whatever you wish – in this example, the maximum number of words is set to 8. function maxWord($title){ global $post;…

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